Stop Living in Mediocrity… Live Your Greatest Vision

Powerful Forces Are Here To Help We always think we have more time.  More time to for fun, laughter, enriched and deep relationships based on love, respect and caring.  Many movies and books have carried the theme of life regrets, those who on their death bed had wished they lived a different life.  The truth Read More

Living An Inspired Life

Everyone is struggling. However, all struggles are not the same.  There area basically two kinds of struggle. The first is a struggle for survival and to meet basic needs.  Almost half of the world’s population lives on $2.50 or less per day.  This unfortunate unequal distribution of wealth creates untold pain and suffering for billions. Read More

Press Release: Teaching People How to Live An Inspired Life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: David Krajovic BodyWorks Healing Center 819 North Mill Street Plymouth, MI 48170 Phone: 734-416-5200 (w) Phone: 734-502-4567 (c) TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE AN INSPIRED LIFE Local Couple Create New Personal Transformation Techniques                                    Plymouth, MI – September 15, 2015 – A new day is dawning! For the last ten Read More