Living an Exceptional Life; The Shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Everyone wants to be happy.

It is so ingrained in our nature that the founding fathers of the United States specifically declared that the “pursuit of happiness” is an inalienable right. Yet almost 250 years later, few people are truly happy.  Rather rather they are on a quest in the pursuit of happiness.

The Struggle For More Is An Illusion

America, as one of the wealthiest nations of the world is one of the least happy of the developed nations. We are taught that more is better: a bigger house, a better job, a newer car, fancy clothes will make us look “good.” This is the consumer society. Despite what we have, we want more because we believe it will make us happier. And so we work harder, struggle more, effort to control all the things that might happen to us that are bad. We manipulate things that we think will bring us good. And here is the illusion … when and if we finally get what we want, the feeling of euphoria is fleeting. How many times have you achieved what you wanted, felt the joy in it but soon it was relegated to a distant memory?

We Live Ordinary Lives

So what do we do? We go off and work harder to acquire the next object of our attention in the hope it will be the one that will finally bring us happiness. On and on, over and over again this plays out, but the task never complete. This efforting creates stress, negatively affects our health, our well-being, the status of our relationships and our happiness quotient, yet everyone is doing it. I call this the ordinary life.

The Art of Exceptional Living

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a path to a different way of living. There is a path to creating a life that is extraordinary. It can be mastered through the art of exceptional living. In this life, you are aligned with flow of life not against it. There is no struggle or need to manipulate or control anything. What you desire comes to you easier and as a result you are healthier and happier. Your relationships are enriched and you gain much joy out of living. And there is more good news. You do not need to give up your material possessions, your job or anything else. Instead, you just do not make them the object of your attention and the path to your happiness.

Some readers may feel they are already happy and I am sure this is true. But there are always problems, struggles, drama and obstacles in life that can be minimized and addressed with grace and ease, leaving you in an uplifted state of being rather than angry and depressed.
I live a blessed life. I take great joy in living and marvel at the smallest of things others may take for granted. I am healthy, have a great job, the perfect partner and life flows with ease. I am happy and yet I understand that there is so much more joy to be had. So many of us stop short of what is possible. We become comfortable in the normalness and mundaneness of our ordinary life failing to realize that something else much greater is possible. Because everyone else is doing what we are doing, it is hard for us to see a different way.
The art of exceptional living is not the path of the many, the 99%. This is the path of the 1%, and it is easier to get there than you think. Happiness is an inside job! Yes, the path to extraordinary living lies within!
When you learn to go inside, you tap into the power of the infinite. Consciousness makes available infinite possibilities and because consciousness is so organized it also makes available solutions to every problem. When you learn to connect to this Source, you are connecting to the Source of life that is in each of us. This power is love. When love is ignited from within, it accepts all things, forgives all things and simultaneously transforms and uplifts all things. Love is joy.
In this state of being you will enjoy life in ways unimaginable. Your mind will be clear and sharp. You will be more vibrant, energetic and attractive in all ways. You will sleep better, your health will improve as your lifespan increases and your relationships deepened and enriched. Fear and anxiety will be replaced by hope and faith. You will feel deeply connected to life and this connection will have a positive impact not only on the people around you but on all people everywhere. The power of your presence will be healing for all and you will see things with new eyes as you learn to trust in the Divine Plan of the Universe. Since all of us are the directors and actors in the Divine Play of life, why not be a conscious partner in the play? When you align with this play, you become a conscious participant. Peace and joy are your rewards. If you think you are worthy of more peace and joy in your life, then embrace the shift from ordinary to extraordinary and join us for one of our events.
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May the joy of extraordinary living be with you.

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