Living an Inspired Life

What Would It Be Like?

Does the idea of living life from Inspiration sound exciting?

Perhaps it would be clearer if we were to say, “How would you like to Live a Source Inspired Life?

Are you aware of what kind of life you can have if you do?

Are you open to a world of new possibilities?

The Highest and Greatest Good

Our premise is simple.  When you live a Source Inspired Life, every action, every thought, every spoken word will have within it the conscious seed of the Divine.  You will be guided by your Higher Soul for the highest and greatest good of all.  This connection is what we all long for, it is what we are here for and when you are in that place, you will live a life of grace and ease.  Joy and peace will be constant companions and your state of being.  You will be bringing heaven to earth.

Let us explain.

Breathing As One With God

The word inspiration has at its roots the Latin inspirarein– “in” + spirare “to breathe” meaning to “breathe in.”  However, spirare is related to the Latin SpiritusSpiritus is the “animating life force for all of life.”  By extension, this translates to “breathing the breath of God.”

The ancient ones who developed our language held the thought and experience that breath and spirit were one.  Therefore, we can conclude that the oldest meaning of the word inspiration is the ability to “breathe in spirit.”  When we say Live An Inspired Life, we mean to live a life that is inspired by the Universal Source of God within.  And one of the best ways to do that is to consciously use the breath as a catalyst to transformation, inspiration and ascension.

How can you do that?

How Ascension Breathing Breathwork Assist You In Living An Inspired Life

The Ascension Breathing Breathwork process and body of teachings can help you connect to the living Source within.  Ascension Breathing is an update of modern breathwork.  While we use breathwork in our teachings, Ascension Breathing is so much more.  Through awareness, conscious control of the breath and various clearing techniques and meditations, you can quickly and literally become a powerful co-creator with the God within creating the good, the holy and the beautiful!

When you live life inspired by Source, many things will change. You become aligned with the flow of Universal Energy.  You stop the pattern of resistance.  When you are no longer resisting, life unfolds with more ease and joy. The many conflicting patterns of thought and the everyday drama of life, no longer dominate your worldview as you have become a keen Observer of the process and now you view your life from the higher vantage point of a master.

The Path To A Rich Life

As a master you will learn to turn inward as this is where the path to a rich life leads, not outwardly toward material possessions and financial wealth although these too will be possible if that is your desire. Many seek love in all the wrong places, looking for it in others, needing constant validation by someone or something.  But when love is focused inwardly toward love of self, it ignites self-mastery, self-empowerment and self-assurance that is radiated out in unity and harmony with all of life.  The creation of the good, the holy and the beautiful is assured.

Peace and calm, health and prosperity become the norm, rather than a distant longing.

You Can Have It All

What is remarkably wonderful about these kinds of teachings is that if you consistently practice them, not just one benefit will come to you but all will be yours.  Everything about you will be uplifted to a higher state of being.  You can have it all as it was meant to be.

Join us now as we together explore the boundaries of human potential and rise above limitation to Live An Inspired Life.

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