Ascension Breathing

Inspired Life Mastery

Within each of us lies a powerful latent force. It waits. It waits for you to discover itself. When you do, all things will be made new. You will have come full circle only to know yourself once again.

Have More Energy

I feel more energy and am now breathing more deeply.

Vera, Retired

Calmer and Less Anxious

I feel calmer, less anxious. I believe I can start to let go of some things.

Celia, Law Clerk

Universal Oneness, Wisdom and Perfection

Talk about Universal Oneness! Poof! My breathing session was wonderful. I let go of so much and I saw the wisdom and perfection of all. It was so perfect and so incredibly profound.

Arianna, Antiques Broker
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Our Programs

Ascension Breathwork for Inspired life Mastery

Gratitude and the Rise of Consciousness

We first presented parts of this program at a weekend retreat in 2015 and were delighted with the results.... Read More

Introduction to Inspired Life Mastery

Introduction to Inspired Life Mastery

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is... Read More

Creating Your Perfect Day

Creating Your Perfect Day

Most of us begin our day unconsciously.  We scurry out of bed in a rush to get kids off... Read More

Inspired Life Mastery

Inspired Life Mastery

What would life be like if you could be anything, do anything, have anything? A Grand Vision What if... Read More

Mastering Your Day; Your Daily Breath

The Five Golden Keys to Mastering Your Day

Do you ever feel out of control? Overwhelmed? That life is not working for you? Are there times you... Read More

Conscious and Powerful Manifestation

Unleashing Unlimitedness (Part 1)

Everything you ever wanted but do not have is not coming to you because you are not letting it... Read More

Breathing Awake Your Beautiful Dreams – The Triangle Breath of Creation

If you are reading this page, then you are ready. You are ready to receive the wisdom of the... Read More

Setting the Mind Free Through Forgiveness

This program is coming in 2016.  If you would like to participate or host this event, please contact us... Read More

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