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Local Couple Create New Personal Transformation Techniques                                   

Plymouth, MI – September 15, 2015 – A new day is dawning! For the last ten years, Dave and Pat Krajovic have been teaching people how improve their health, gain more energy and enhance relationships through the art of mastering their breath.  Through their organization the Global Breath Institute, they have helped thousands of people achieve a new way of living.  However, the methods used were based primarily on modern breathwork techniques that have been in place since 1970.  It is time for change.

Dave and Pat are announcing a new method of breathwork and body of teachings called Ascension Breathing.  The Ascension Breathing process is a new, gentle, and powerfully effective way of transforming your life.  They have discovered the secret to a safe, effective, no drama form of breathwork and techniques that connect you to Source Energy, gently releasing the grip of the past, and positioning you to soar as you learn to claim your power in the present moment.

While the work does rely on conscious breathing, it also incorporates the teachings of many contemporary new age illuminaries as well as numerous ancient texts and teachings. Science supports the role your breath plays in your health.  Center Director, Pat Krajovic explains, “Most people are not breathing properly. Over 90% of the population have restrictions in their breathing pattern that inhibits the amount of air they take in by over 50%.  This reduces the amount of available oxygen for use in the body.”    Dave Krajovic continues, “A reduction in available oxygen can affect a person’s health and energy levels.  Cancer is an anaerobic disease and thrives in the absence of oxygen.  Bacterial infections and viruses also thrive in anaerobic conditions.  By limiting our breath, we also limit our health and vitality.”  But there is more.

Physical restrictions in the breathing pattern are actually caused by emotional trauma that is suppressed by the subconscious mind.  This creates limited thinking. Dave Krajovic explains, “When we can undo the limited thinking and beliefs that have been with us our entire lives, new possibilities open up.  We know for the first time that we are not limited by our past.  Now, anything is possible!  We are literally able to rise above the limitation of thought and ascend the pinnacle of human potential and beyond.  It is time to step up and commit to living your life with ease, grace and love. We call this Inspired Living.”

The couple reports that they are sick less, have more energy, and behavior patterns that used to result in arguments have simply disappeared.  They have a greater sense of peace and balance that they never knew was possible.  “It improved our marriage and helped us financially,” says Pat Krajovic.  “We simply have more joy, bliss and ease in our life today as a result of this body of work.”

The Krajovic’s work primarily out of their healing center, BodyWorks Healing Center, in Plymouth, Michigan, but have held workshops throughout North America and Europe and are available to come to your town as well.  They say their goal is to tap into and be inspired by the Source within so that you can live a life of joy and bliss beyond anything the human mind has conceived.

BodyWorks Healing Center is located in Plymouth at 819 N. Mill Street.

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Phone: 734-416-5200

BodyWorks Healing Center is a Massage Therapy and Body/Mind/Spirit Integration Center located in Southeast Michigan.  Founded in 1998 by husband and wife team, Dave and Pat Krajovic, to manifest their vision of creating a healing facility that delivers the most effective, transformational and alternative healing modalities available today.  Offering over 20 different healing therapies, BodyWorks seeks to tap into the natural healing process of the human body.   Complimenting their offering of massage and bodywork services are the most powerful energy healing modalities practiced today.  BodyWorks also offers classes of interest, seminars and workshops designed to enhance awareness of the human potential including Ascension Breathing programs.  Details of services offered at BodyWorks can be found at or through email at or by phone at 734-416-5200.

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