Group Workshops

Workshops and Group Settings

Many of the teachings of Ascension Breathing are presented in group settings as either individual workshops or a combination of workshops held typically over a weekend. Individual workshops run in length from the 2 hour Introduction to Inspired Life Mastery to full one day programs. Any program can be done as a standalone (assuming prerequisites are met) or combined with others for a more extended offering. Extended offerings are usually a group of workshops that are choreographed to flow from one into the other.

The Inspired Life Mastery Series

The Inspired Life Mastery Series of programs is a group of workshops that, when combined, form the core teachings of the Ascension Breathing. These programs are recommended as a minimum for those who are serious about transforming their lives and uplifting themselves to a higher state of consciousness.

The Transformative Power of a Group Setting

There are many benefits to attending a program in a group setting but one that is always applicable but readily overlooked is the power of the collective intention. When a group of like-minded people gather with similar intentions, vast amounts of energy can be moved. When a group breathes together, a powerful vortex of energy is created that is not easily accessible in individual sessions. This provides a powerful and unique opportunity to the aspirant willing to release old patterns and limited thinking. This, however, does not imply that individual sessions are not powerful and transformative as they have their own unique benefits and characteristics. Rather, the group synergies and energies provide additional benefits that cannot be easily achieved elsewhere.

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