What is Ascension Breathing

The Ascension Breathing Process

Breathing is Life. Life and Divine Creator are inseparable. The Native Americans say that “God is the Spirit that moves through all things.” Humanity, however, has created an illusion of separation … separate from each other, each religion, each country, separate from nature, separate from God. This alone has created war, terrorism, untold suffering and pain.

Healing Separation, The Cause of Suffering

You can heal this separation and restore what is true for all human beings by coming out of the illusion and into the light. This is the ultimate path of all of humanity. Your only choice is to continue to suffer and live a limited life separate from the Divine or step into your power and claim your right to a life of ease, grace, joy and prosperity.
We will give you the tools to assist you in deepening the connection between Life and Divine Creator through the Ascension Breath process and teachings. Anyone who desires to ascend to elevated states of love and maintain unity consciousness in their daily life can benefit from Ascension Breathing since it is one of the best ways to get you there.

The Breath Informs Us As To Our State of Consciousness

Everyone breathes, all the time. Our breath unites us. In the new world of elevated conscious living, breathing is more than an unconscious process necessary for Life, for survival is not something in doubt. Love of Life becomes both the conscious and subconscious intention for breathing. It becomes the power generator for living a joy filled Life. It serves as a barometer as to our state of consciousness. It becomes our way of saying Yes to Life!

Ascension Breathing Uplifts Consciousness

Ascension Breathing is the process of uplifting consciousness to a higher level, ascending above negative and limiting beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts. It is about expanding the levels of human potential and introducing the possibility of living a life of bliss!

Our intention is to share with you the secrets of transformation and Inspired Life. Gain mastery to a new you where you come to know your true self through our rising consciousness breathwork programs.

Ascension Breathing Is a Gentle Form of Breathwork

Ascension Breathing is a gentler way of breathing when compared to other forms of modern breathwork. It assists you in the rapid transformation of emotional trauma leaving you lighter and clearer without the drama. The breath is the great integrator. It is the best tool to integrate the four primary levels of our being: physical, mental emotional and spiritual. Because Ascension Breathing accesses all levels simultaneously, your life will be transformed on all four levels as well.

While we use conscious connected breathing as a tool in the Ascension Breathing Process, it is much more than that. The teachings of Ascension Breathing incorporate many of the contemporary techniques and thoughts of leading edge new thought teachers, but also reaches back through time to bring forward many ancient teachings that are as true today as they were thousands of years ago.

The breath is intertwined in all things and connects all things. It is the access to the unconscious and is the best tool to bring us into the present moment. It empowers whatever other process we are involved with. Bringing the breath into other teachings and techniques creates an unstoppable force for your ascension into higher levels of consciousness and the gifts that accrue accordingly.

Many Teachings, Philosophies Were Studied to Create Ascension Breathing

You don’t have to go to dozens of different workshops or read hundreds of books (although you can since it will deepen your understanding); you can get it all right here. We condense it down for you and distill it into its essence so you can easily and effectively discover the way to ascend above thought and 3rd dimensional energies and step boldly into the uplifted and loving energies of the 21st Century as our consciousness ascends into 4th and 5th dimensional states of being.

Co-Creating the Good, the Holy and the Beautiful

You will feel better physically, have more energy and sleep more soundly. Your mind will clear and emotional triggers will be lessened. Relationships will deepen, be more rewarding and enriched. As you clear limitation, you will step into the realm of Spirt. You will begin to consciously co-create the good, the holy and the beautiful with God.

Ascending Into the Evolved Consciousness of the 21st Century

Join us as we ascend the pinnacle of human potential and beyond to explore new realms of what it means to be an evolved being in the 21st century. You deserve a life that is rich, rewarding, joyful, passionate, full of vitality and health. Ascension Breathing is the next step in the evolution of modern breathwork and life mastery. It’s time to walk through the doorway to wisdom with us. Let us begin.