Deliberate Creation Into The Land Of Happy

Getting To The Land of Happy

It’s a funny thing.  We are all doing it but most of us don’t even know it.  When you got up this morning and said, “Oh, I am so tired, I wish I didn’t have to get up,” you were doing it.   When you are at work begrudgingly performing a job you do not love and you say, “Oh well, another day, another dollar,” you are doing it.   We are all creating our own experience whether we know it or not.  Just because you are not aware of the force of gravity doesn’t mean you aren’t affected by it.  Ignorance does not mitigate the effects of the law.

Such feelings and thoughts are passive creations where create unconsciously.  Passive creators feel as if life is happening to them, that they are victims of life and circumstances.  They feel stuck in their life and live for weekends, vacations and a better day.  In today’s distressing social, political and economic environments it is easy to unconsciously and emotionally react and judge the day’s events.  This is a life filled with stress and anxiety.  Outward events may change, but the inward feelings of fatigue, worry and disdain are ever present.  Life becomes normal, predictable, discouraging and simply flat.  It is the life of average.

The Distractions Of The Passive Creator

To improve their life, the passive creator may use alcohol or drugs to create temporary distractions from life.  Addictions to opiates are at all-time highs and continue to climb.  Twenty million Americans have a substance abuse disorder and thirty percent of Americans suffer from an alcohol use disorder.   And if these don’t work, depression is a frequent way out.  Fifteen million Americans are diagnosed with depression (growing  20% per year) but many more express symptoms that go undiagnosed.   Other people buy things in the attempt to fill the void within.  There is no end to the buying and no end to the emptiness.  And then there are those who are simply addicted to the emotional drama of work, family, politics, and/or religion.

Every day the same play is acted out.  Where did my life go?  Is this all there is?  Is there nothing I can do?  I tell you it does not have to be this way.

Entering The Land Of Happy

You can become a deliberate creator and enter the land of happy.  The land of happy is a place where you no longer react to life but consciously create the life you desire.  Moving through life is no longer filled with effort and worry but replaced with ease and faith.  Because you begin creating from a place of knowing and joy, more joy comes to you and your creations get better and better. Your heart is filled with gratitude for all life experiences even those others may judge as not so good. Many experiences may appear distasteful but I have come to know that in hindsight they are often great blessings.  Comfort, calm and peace envelop you as you realize all is unfolding as it should. You give praise and thanksgiving for the great mystery that is operating in your life and your relationship to it.

The Two Sides Of Desire

Deliberate creation begins with realizing there are two completely different energies behind desire.  On the one side is that which you don’t wont.   “I am tired of being tired.”  While almost everyone starts here, this is not where we want to stay.

Deliberate creators come from the other end of the spectrum of desire.  They create from the place of what they do want.  “I have all the energy I need.”    Many are inspired by this simple shift in consciousness but many are perplexed when it doesn’t seem to work.

Meditation And Breathwork Close The Gap

This primarily has to do with the mismatch between what they think and what they feel.  Thought directs energy but feeling is the energy.  If you affirm well-being but don’t believe it and feel lack, then lack is what you have.  If you attach to the outcome and feel frustrated at not succeeding that just reinforces the feeling of lack.  At that point it is better to relax and come back to neutral.  This has the effect of closing the gap between what you want and don’t want.    Meditation and breathwork are excellent ways to do this.   However, there is more.

Standing in the way of what we want are limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.  These beliefs need to be examined and unwound for us to be deliberate creators.

If we have a hidden belief “money doesn’t grow on trees and is not easy to come by,” no amount of feeling you have more money is going to overcome the belief.  Therefore, the most effective creator practices inner discernment and utilizes tools and techniques that disintegrate limiting thoughts.

Increasing Your Light Is Key

This is why at Ascension Breathing all of our programs approach a subject from two angles.  First we examine and eliminate thoughts of doubt, limitation and negativity and second we create a clear and perfect vision of what you do want.  There is a third aspect that can accelerate the above.  Infuse the body with more light energy, more life force.

This energy will dissolve heavy negative thoughts and simultaneously uplift your spirit.  You will gain clarity of mind.  Feelings of love, connection, faith and joy will supercharge your vision into manifestation.  The force that can do this, that can approach creation from both sides of desire, is the conscious use of your breath.  The breath is a great power that is under your conscious control.  This is the path toward your inner magnificence.  Learn to use this and ascend the pinnacle of greatness to the land of happy.

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