How We Got Here

David and Pat each had successful careers in the business world. They were busy working, raising their five children and seeking society’s definition of success. Always interested in health and wellness, they focused on healthful eating and exercise. Through the unfolding of certain Universe conspired events, they knew their lives were on a path of self-destruction.

Life, their lives, had to change; they could not go on as they had. They knew there was something more and so began a spiritual quest.

Their story is compelling and they often share it in their workshops, but how it unfolds is this……..they learned that they were the creators of their life story. If life was not working for them, it was theirs to change! They learned, refined and developed tools to elevate consciousness and create the life they yearned for. They love to teach, share their gifts and help others access the human potential.

Seek them out to support you on your journey to joy!