Living An Inspired Life

Everyone is struggling.

However, all struggles are not the same.  There area basically two kinds of struggle. The first is a struggle for survival and to meet basic needs.  Almost half of the world’s population lives on $2.50 or less per day.  This unfortunate unequal distribution of wealth creates untold pain and suffering for billions. While you may feel you cannot make a difference in this struggle, you can if you overcome the second type of struggle.

The second struggle is for those who have their needs and wants met and yet find life empty. The emptiness comes by trying to fulfill life with things we are told will make us happy.   Are you seeking yourself in the wrong place by trying to add more (stuff) to your life?  But over and over again the feeling that comes from acquiring stuff is fleeting.  The fulfillment of our wants and needs has not satisfied us, yet we believe it should have and this adds to our frustration.

Society Wants Us To Want

We know we can be happier, and yet we are not.  We yearn for more. We are told that happiness will come when we get that new car, upgrade to a bigger house, put on that sensuous perfume, or take the newest drug to fix what ails us.  You get it.  Society wants us to want.  This keeps us from enjoying life in the now. We experience this pull every day, yet there is another force that pulls us in the opposite direction.  Any time two forces seek to move in opposite directions, stress is created, constant, unceasing, unrelenting stress.  This leads to restless nights, anxiety, worries, illnesses, dis-ease, fatigue, and a life that feels out of balance.  Sound familiar?

The other energy that is conflicting with what society wants is the call of the soul. It is inviting you to Live An Inspired Life.    There is nothing wrong with wanting or having nice things.  This is an abundant Universe.  There is enough for everyone.  “Wanting” becomes a problem when the wanting turns into the belief that having the thing will finally solve our thirst for a happier more fulfilling life.  This is the illusion that creates suffering.

End the illusion and you will have unlocked the key to the doorway to a Life Inspired.

Your Soul is Whispering, Can You Hear It?

What does it mean to Live An Inspired Life?  Living An Inspired Life means you are free from the pull of what society wants you to do.  You are now connected to and inspired by the wisdom of your Higher Soul.   Through this connection, the Higher Soul is planting seeds in your consciousness, inspiring you to act in ways that support your highest and greatest good.  The fact is the Higher Soul is always whispering its intentions.  It may be asking you to move in a certain direction, speak a certain way, act on this or that and most of all bring love into everything you think, do, see and hear.  But often, we cannot hear the whispers of the Soul.  We often ignore it until it takes the form of suffering, pain, frustration, and dissatisfaction.  Then, the Soul has our attention!

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Soul

We must slow down to hear.  We must open our hearts to feel again.  We must let go to let in.  We must set ourselves free from who we thought we were and find out who we really are.  Living an Inspired Life means to be in tune with the truth of who you are.  Life slows down.  We begin to see through the eyes of the Soul.  Life becomes a joy.  Life is seen as a wondrous mystery where all things are possible and the hand of the Divine is seen underlying all actions. You are fully present. Your days are peaceful, unfold with ease, and you see loves blessing everywhere.  Grace abounds. You are joy for you are one with your Higher Soul and all of creation.  You have risen above the limitation of thought and accessed the pinnacle of human potential and beyond.  There is nothing you cannot do or become as you experience the beauty and grace of consciously co-creating with the Divine.

Uplifting Consciousness For All

Because you have chosen to awaken your consciousness, you have also uplifted the consciousness of all.  When enough of us do this, awareness changes in others as well.  For seemingly unknown reasons, poverty and starvation is no longer tolerated, solutions that before were unknown or seemed implausible, will be found and implemented.  Change will occur and suffering will lessen all because you have chosen to Live An Inspired Life.

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