Creating Your Perfect Day

How to Bring More Peace, Ease and Grace Into Your Day

Most of us begin our day unconsciously.  We scurry out of bed in a rush to get kids off to school and ourselves off to work. This rushed and stressed atmosphere carries throughout the day, dampening chances for a more uplifting, easy and joy filled day.  One unconscious day runs into the next as we long for a weekend to break the cycle, only to find that the rejuvenation we long for never really comes.

Realigning the Energy of the Day

Creating Your Perfect Day is about realigning the energy of the day from the unconscious to the conscious.  It emphasizes being in the present moment and setting an intention of peace.  It sets the stage for you to manifest all that you wish to create in your day.  We call this exercise of intention, Breathing Mattins. (Dawn Prayer, Lauds or Prime Prayer is the name for morning prayers of praise.)

Making Peace With Your Day

Creating Your Perfect Day, however, does not end there.  It also addresses how to consciously end your day as you learn to powerfully and completely let go of the stresses and negativity of the day.  Our program assists you to make peace with what happened in your day.  It helps you calm your mind so you can enter into a peaceful, restful and healing sleep.  The exercise of letting go and claiming the perfect day is known as Breathing Vespers.  (PM prayers are typically of thanksgiving and gratitude).

Aligning Your Energy With The Energy Of Life

Together Breathing Mattins and Breathing Vespers align your energy with the energy of Life.  This is reflected in the cycle of the great inhale and exhale, the cycle of life and death, of creation and uncreation.

Learn the perfect way to bring more of the good, the holy and the beautiful into your life. If you want a better life, a life with an abundance of all that is good, a life with joy and peace in your heart, then learn how to begin and end your day in a conscious manner. Join us and learn how to Create The Perfect Day.