I AM The Light of the World

At this holiday time of year, many spiritual traditions celebrate the return of the light.  But what does this mean and where is the light returning to?

The light is returning to us.  Its purpose, our purpose, is to illumine the depths of our subconscious and reveal the judgments and illusions of separation we have buried.   Once revealed they can be removed.  Without the veil of illusion, we can clearly see the truth of who we are. Keeping judgments buried is the root of all suffering.

When you choose to allow the light to return, you are in alignment with the flow of the Universe.  Everything in your life changes.  It changes because you imbue everything you do with the truth of who you are and you recognize this truth in others.  You recognize the All-in-All in everything.  You are in communion with all of life.

As I write this, I cannot think of anything you could do that would serve a higher purpose and bring more joy into your life.  In everything, choose to bring love and light to it, the gifts you buy, the people you give them to, the work you do, the judgments you make.  It all deserves your love and light.

Have you ever given a gift out of obligation because you felt you had too?  How did that feel when compared to giving a gift that you wanted to give which was enthused with love and joy?  The gift you gave is neutral.  It is just stuff.  What is not neutral is the quality of energy you choose to imbue the stuff with.  This extends to the doing as well; earning money for the gift, buying the gift, wrapping the gift, giving the gift, paying the bill for the gift. What matters is the energy you choose to infuse the gift with.

A Course in Miracles addresses this subject and provides some guidance. Throughout your day but especially upon awakening and before sleep affirm the following: “I am the light of the world.  That is my only function.  That is why I am here.”

Reflect on the statement for a few minutes with your eyes closed.  If your mind wonders, repeat the statement.

The Course says this idea will move you beyond the ego’s petty view of who you are and what your purpose is.  It will awaken you to the acknowledgement of the truth of who you are and it is a giant step in laying the foundation for future advances.

With all there is to do, the decorating, the parties, gift buying and so little time to do it, stress levels are high.  This is when it is especially important to remember the light and to invoke its blessings on our thoughts, words and deeds.

If you would like to learn more, please join us for this month’s Podcast and follow on Meditation I AM The Light Of The World; Sun. Dec 3, 9PM EST on http://www.ascensionbeathing.com/shop or participate in our Live Holiday Breathing Meditation at BodyWorks Healing Center in Plymouth also on Sun, Dec 3 from 10:30AM-12:00PM.  Call 734-416-5200.

This holiday season Pat and I extend our warmest blessings that the Light shines bright within your world and illumines the truth of who you are. May your life and those who are dear to you be blessed with the good, the holy and the beautiful at this holiday time of year.

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