The Five Golden Keys to Mastering Your Day

Do you ever feel out of control? Overwhelmed? That life is not working for you? Are there times you feel depressed, sad and frustrated and find life a struggle? Too often we find ourselves fighting with reality, arguing with what is. We have all experienced this.

Become Inspired

What if we could find a way to love what is? Imagine being at peace very moment. What if we could learn to not only be present to life as it unfolds but find ways to ascend above the problem and become inspired to a higher response? Is it possible to tap into Divine wisdom and guidance from Source?

Passion For Life

Become the Master of your day. Deliver yourself from the pain and suffering of separation and come into alignment with what is. There is hope. Struggle, drama, pain and suffering can dissolve into peaceful presence, acceptance and passion for life. Find the place where you become inspired to act with love. When you create from love, you thrive! How is this possible?

The Five Golden Keys

There are the five golden keys that will transform and uplift your day …

  • Presence
  • Mystery/Praise
  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration
  • Love

Restore Peace and Joy

These energies set the tone for your day and bring you into alignment with higher vibrational energies. We enhance their power by adding a conscious breathing component. Learning to master these attitudes/breaths will lead you to Mastery of your day as you ascend from …

  • Hopelessness to Hopeful
  • Fearful to Courageous
  • Doubt to Faith
  • Disempowered to Fully Empowered
  • Depressed to Enthusiastic
  • Victim to Master

Arise! Claim your power! Restore peace and joy to your life.

This program is enhanced when combined with our half day workshop Creating the Perfect Day. The Five golden Keys to Mastering Your Day is part of the Ascension Breathing Inspired Life Mastery Series.