Breathing Awake Your Beautiful Dreams – The Triangle Breath of Creation

Creating the Life You want: Powerfully . Easily . Joyfully

If you are reading this page, then you are ready.

You are ready to receive the wisdom of the ages, the knowledge of how the Masters consciously created their lives and now you can do it too.

Humanity Creates Unconsciously But You Do Not

The vast majority of humanity creates unconsciously. Not You! No More! Being a conscious creator will uplift you, all those you are in relationship with and all life on this planet!

Creating Heaven On Earth

The Triangle Breath of Creation is not about getting more stuff in your life, a bigger house or a better car, but it can be. Rather, it is about aligning with Source Energy to tap into the pool of unlimited possibility to create beyond your wildest imaginings. It is about increasing your consciousness to evolve yourself and the planet. It is about creating what you desire, rapidly and with ease. Can you imagine the joy of co-creating with God the good, the holy and the beautiful? You will literally be creating heaven on earth.

How can I do that, you might wonder?

Since every breath is a creative choice, knowing how to use the breath is key to your mastery as a conscious creator. You will learn how to tap into and align with the energy that creates universes. When you are in alignment, all power is made unto you and you can relax into knowing and trust. The Universe will deliver without struggle.

How can it get any better than that?

To become a Master Creator you must learn to let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that prevent you from creating experiences that delight you. You must uncreate and destroy your current beliefs. Are you ready for that?

You will learn techniques to:

  • Unwind the roadblocks to your creations as you come to understand how you sabotage your happiness.
  • Align your energy with the flow of creation as you understand that in all of life there is a rhythm, a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
  • Harness the energy of creation and destruction and ascend beyond the doldrums of mediocrity into a life of bliss.
  • Tap into the void of infinite possibilities and through the Triangle Breath of Creation and your clear and powerful intention bring forth new creations of the good, the holy and the beautiful.

Creation takes place in the infinite void of all possibilities. Gently step into the quiet space of creation and breathe life into your dreams as your learn the secrets of the ancients.

Although there are no prerequisites to this workshop, it Is recommended that you have previously taken Inspired Life Mastery and at least Part 1 of Unleashing Unlimitedness.

The Triangle Breath of Creation is part of the Ascension Breathing Inspired Life Mastery Series.