Podcast: Living an Exceptional Life; The Shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary


A discussion on how find to live and exceptional and extraordinary life


Imagine a world where you mind is clear and sharp. Where you will be more vibrant, energetic and attractive in all ways. You will sleep better, your health will improve as your lifespan increases and your relationships deepened and enriched. Fear and anxiety will be replaced by hope and faith. You will feel deeply connected to life and this connection will have a positive impact not only on the people around you but on all people everywhere. The power of your presence will be healing for all and you will see things with new eyes as you learn to trust in the Divine Plan of the Universe.

Listen in as David and Pat discuss how we have been trapped by society into wanting more to get our happiness and how this illusion creates struggle and work.  David and Pat will provide you a way out of the struggle and a way in to a life of exceptional living free of this illusion as you make the shift from ordinary living to an extraordinary life.

If you would like to learn more please read our Blog Post or to  create a deeper experience, please download our guided meditation.