The Forces of Light

Where Small Becomes Big

No meaningful change in the world can happen without a pre-existing change in consciousness.  This is why it is said that all things must change so that everything remains the same.  When we ascend above thought to a higher level of consciousness, change cannot not happen.  It must and it will.

If you have read past articles of mine, you will know it takes but a few of us to make a large difference in the world.  A small change in consciousness has a large impact in the behavior of the population in question.  Indeed what seems like a small change is not so small because the light of one can offset the negativity of many.

Uplifting The World

If you are tired of what you see in the world, then step forward and join the forces of light to uplift the world and yourself at the same time.  Our efforts to raise the consciousness of all are enhanced when we are consistent in our practice and when we join together.  This is one reason we offer FREE monthly meditations and encourage you to breathe/meditate daily. In fact, studies show that when we unplug from our practice, societal behaviors revert back to the way they were before we began our efforts.

Studies also show that when we help others, we feel our best. I know you know this.  Reflect on how good you feel when you place yourself at the service of others, helping in whatever way you can.

A Special Opportunity

During May there is a special opportunity to be of service where your actions will be magnified for the good of yourself and mankind.  Our meditations are always at the full moon because this is when spiritual energies are at their peak.  Of the 13 full moons in a year, there is one that stands above all for its power and majesty.  The full moon in May heralds what is known in esoteric circles as the Wesak Festival.

It is said that at this time Ascended Masters and other Enlightened Ones gather to receive the blessings of Lord Buddha and The Christ so that they may distribute them to humanity.  These blessings come in the form of two streams of energy, Divine Love and Divine Light.  Because these powerful beings transmit so much energy at once, it needs to be stepped-down for it to be of any use to humanity.  This is where you come in.  Your participation allows the Masters to distribute even more energy with you, in you, and through you and out into the world.

A Great Expansion In Consciousness

It is as if a door is suddenly opened and you are able to access energies which normally would be unreachable.  Great expansions of consciousness are possible which otherwise would take much longer to reach.   At this time you can find great aid, comfort and inspiration, all of which is sorely needed in today’s troubling world.

The appearance of The Great Ones is a reminder to keep the channels of love and light open within us. It is only with these energies that we will find a way out of the darkness with opened hearts and illumined minds.

You Can And Do Make A Difference

Your light and love make a difference.  It has been taught through the ages and scientifically proven that when we gather together to focus light and love, the world is uplifted.  We have the power to bring about the end of suffering, strife and ignorance.  Our light can so illumine the darkness that it becomes but a distant memory.

The Masters stand ready to support The Great Plan and the return of love on the planet but they cannot act on their own.  We must want this.  We must ask for their assistance and this can only happen when we come together with the collective intent to bring about the good, the holy and the beautiful.

What possibly could be a better use of time than to join with the Ascended Masters for the good of humanity?

Please join us in our FREE Meditation this month as we link together as souls and join with the Masters of Light and Enlightened Ones to evoke the help of the Lord Buddha and The Christ.  Your actions, along with millions of other enlightened souls who will be meditating at the same time, can strengthen the power of light and love to bring more unity, peace, prosperity, health and well-being to ourselves and unto humanity.

We will be using the world prayer, The Great Invocation, a gift to humanity in 1945 to Alice Bailey through the Lord Matreya.  Please click here for a downloadable copy. The meditation will be held on Wednesday, May 10 at 9pm EDT and can be accessed via

May the blessings of Divine Love and Divine Light enrich your life.

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