Divine Breath Meditation

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A guided conscious breathing CD designed to help you let go of stress and uplift your spirit


Divine Breath is a unique and powerful conscious breathing meditation that combines the healing power of the breathwork with the timeless and ancient wisdom of invoking your angels.

Designed for both the experienced and beginning practitioner, this  breathwork meditation CD is sure to assist you on your journey to an uplifted state of awareness.  The Divine Breath CD provides a unique breath experience for the seasoned breather yet the instruction is concise enough to make it easy for the novice to participate fully.  Mark Watson of Angel Earth Music beautifully captures the energy in this original powerful musical composition.

The CD is composed in such a way that if your time is limited you can do a shorter breath session, the Archangel Raphael meditation separately or combine it all together for a full blown breathwork session. This CD includes conscious invocations, music, toning, conscious connected breathing, affirmations and miracle consciousness. Highly flexible! Highly effective!

Purchase your CD today and begin to feel lighter, healthier and happier as you release the tensions of the world and step into the Presence of the Divine.

Dave and Pat Krajovic are the co-creators of the Ascension Breathing Process and founders of the Global Breath Institute and BodyWorks Healing Center, an award winning massage therapy and body/mind/spirit integration center based in Plymouth, MI. They have taught transformational programs using conscious breathing breathwork throughout North America and Europe and have published numerous articles about the ascension process, the rise of consciousness and accessing the pinnacle of human potential. Tatiana Scavniky, Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Practitioner, has a guest appearance as she invokes the healing energies of Archangel Raphael. 


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