The Power To Create Worlds – Downloadable Meditation


A guided meditation by Dave and Pat Krajovic as they assist you in claiming your authentic power to transform your life.


Every day our lives are impacted by the forces of the world.  Maybe it is politics, the laws of the land, violence, societal norms, religion, big business, natural forces or whatever; they all impact us in varying ways and degrees.  These are powerful forces.  While we all are impacted by these forces,   we are not impacted in the same way.  Some feel out of control, burdened, hopeless, and powerless, while others are invigorated, optimistic, passionate and grateful.

Understanding that outward experience does not define who we are is the first step to claiming your power. There are four other steps to claiming your authentic power.  Join us in our meditation as we guide you to authentic power.

This is the energy that creates worlds.  It is the energy that allows the sun to rise every morning, the seasons to change, the flowers to open graciously to the sun’s rays and that holds the stars in the night sky.  It all happens with ease, grace and beauty.  Such will be your life when you align with this flow. When you are aligned, there is clarity in your life and Wisdom now guides you.  This will feel good to you for at last, you have come home to your essential nature.

This is simple. You have problems because at a deep unconscious level you are resisting Universal flow; you are resisting who you truly are.  No more! Reject the limitations society has placed on you.  Reject their false god of power and control and step into alignment with real authentic power. Isn’t it time for you to be you?


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